We are looking forward to creating a blog that is useful and interesting to our friends, customers and colleagues. You can expect to find links to interesting articles, tips and tricks, and entries that we hope will appeal to you. If you have a question you would like us to answer or a suggestion for a blog topic, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email.

Next month’s blog entry will be: Why Utilize Maintenance and Janitorial Services? We hope you will check back to read more!

We are pleased to debut our new company name, logo, website, and blog. We are the same great company with a great new look! You may have known one of our divisions, FSG Northwest or FSG Maintenance for years, or perhaps you have never heard of us. In either case, please allow us to show you our new look and tell you a little about our company!

Since our founding in 1991, FSG has provided outstanding facility services to our clients. We have operated two divisions: Janitorial (FSG Northwest) and Maintenance (FSG Maintenance). Over the years, we have found that some people do not realize the variety of services we offer. With our current rebranding, both divisions will be unified and we will showcase what we truly are: a full-service facility maintenance company.

We would love if you took a moment to check out our new website. You can also connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you would prefer to speak with a live person, we would be happy to do that also. Electronically or in person, we look forward to meeting you.