Winter Is Coming

admin November 16th

According to the calendar, winter is still more than a month away.  According to some of us, wool sock, roaring fire, and hot cocoa season is already here.  The temperatures are creeping lower and lower, and people are pulling out their winter gear and purchasing wintery treats.  What, though, should we be doing to protect our buildings during the chilly months?  Here is a brief list of some important winterizing tips:

  • Make sure all exterior pipes have ample insulation to avoid the unwelcome pipe break. Also caulk around any building pipe entries.
  • Keep your heaters on a low setting, even in vacant suites. Leaving a heater off can cause pipes to freeze and break. A minimum heating bill will offer peace of mind and a more comfortable environment for potential tenants viewing the property.
  • Make sure all exterior doors, garages, roll-ups and windows have sufficient weather striping. Replacing weather striping is quick and inexpensive, but can have a big payoff in saved heating costs.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage which makes for less ice buildup.
  • Inspect Backflow systems and test sump pumps.
  • Clean your chimneys, exhaust systems, and ducts so they are free of debris.
  • If outside temperatures drop extremely low, all interior water faucets should be left with the water running at a fast drip or a low trickle. This applies to both hot and cold water faucets.
  • Test your gas lines that might have been dormant through the summer to ensure they are in good working order with no leaks.
  • Service your heating and mechanical systems and change out or clean out all your filters to ensure efficiency.
  • Test and change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.
  • Winterize all your outdoor gas powered tools.
  • Finally, schedule regular inspections to look for any maintenance deficiencies. Frequent visits can help spot a problem early before damage is done.