Windows & Astronauts (Yes, Astronauts!)

admin August 20th

Cleaning windows is a task that many of us like to avoid. It can feel like a huge undertaking and can be difficult to do well. But at least we don’t have to spacewalk to do it like the Russian astronauts did recently! (Watch a cool video about that here.) Today, we will look at a few tips that can help you achieve clear, streak-free windows.
1. Choose the right time. Direct sun will dry your cleaning solution before you can buff it off, leaving streaks. Choose a time when the windows feel cool to the touch.

2. Choose the right tools. Commercial window washers are squeegee pros. If you prefer to wipe, make sure you have a lint-free cloth or try newspaper or coffee filters like some of our cleaners swear by.

3. Choose the right solution. For exterior windows, which can be rinsed immediately with water, a water/vinegar/dish soap solution works amazingly well. For interior windows, a reliable glass cleaner or just water and vinegar will do the trick.

4. OR….Choose a professional. If all else fails and you want perfectly clean windows, it is a relatively inexpensive but very impactful service to hire a professional to complete.