Safety First!

admin April 25th

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are very fortunate.  From weather to poisonous or pestilent critters to natural disasters, we have it pretty easy up here.  With that being the case, it can be tempting to become nonchalant about preparing for such an unlikely disaster.

Reading this recent IREM Oregon blog about earthquakes got me thinking about what being prepared for disaster means for some of us.  Whether it was an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or any other disaster, are we prepared for an event to strike at any given time?  Surely all of us in the property services business have safety protocol in place for our staff, protection equipment for those that need it, and plans for if accidents occur in the workplace.  Do we also have plans, protocol, and equipment on hand for natural disasters?  What about those of us or our staffs that spend a large portion of their workdays in their vehicles?  If we had been stuck on I5 in that mudslide back in December, would we have been cold, hungry, or thirsty?

We are not talking here about building bomb shelters or preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  A few easy-to-get supplies will go a long way in any sort of disaster.  The American Red Cross has an easy eight item car safety kit and much longer safety checklists that are a good starting point.  Maybe at your next company safety meeting you could take five minutes and encourage everyone to consider their own preparedness.  Let’s help each other to stay safe in the event of a disaster.