Cleaning Hacks

FSG Companies May 26th

Most of us, whether professional cleaners or not, have a pretty good cleaning routine.  We zip through our building or home and get mostly everything sparkling.  Some little details, though, may not be part of our weekly schedule.  They may be a little bit of a pain or we may not have a good technique for them…  we may need a hack.  The internet is full of great ideas but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Clean your baseboards with dryer sheets.  The dust clings to them and they repel future dust as well as bugs!  This is also a great chore for kids since they are closer to the ground anyway.
  • Use the School Volcano Experiment Method for window and sliding door tracks.  You know, baking soda plus vinegar equals awesome explosion?  Well it also equals awesome cleaning power.  Sprinkle the baking soda on the gunk, pour on some vinegar, give it 10 minutes and then scrub and wipe away all the grime.
  • While you have the baking soda and vinegar handy, dump some down your garbage disposal to sanitize and deodorize it.
  • Professional cleaners always have stainless steel polish in their supplies to keep appliances gleaming.  If you are at home and don’t have the polish, a drop of olive oil buffed into your fridge will have it at a high shine in no time.

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