Cleaning Hacks

FSG Companies May 26th

Most of us, whether professional cleaners or not, have a pretty good cleaning routine.  We zip through our building or home and get mostly everything sparkling.  Some little details, though, may not be part of our weekly schedule.  They may be a little bit of a pain or we may not have a good technique for them…  we may need a hack.  The internet is full of great ideas but here are a few of our favorites: Clean your baseboards with dryer […]

Unemployment Rates Are Rising

FSG Companies December 23rd

According to the most recent numbers, unemployment is at the highest level that it has been in six months. If you or someone you know is looking for work, you should know that FSG Companies is always hiring! Our business is continually expanding and we have a frequent need for more hard-working team members. We value our employees and offer excellent benefits. These include: • Paid on-the-job training • Continuing Education classes in related fields • Employee promotion programs • […]


FSG Companies July 13th

A few months ago, we posted a blog about preparing properties for winter. In the interest of fairness, we want to make a post about summer as well. Property owners have a few concerns specific to summer, including keeping buildings cool and comfortable, preventing heat or sun damage, and of course, conserving energy and therefore money. Managing building environments has a lot to do with preventative maintenance and a bit to do with random chance. Keeping HVAC units serviced is […]

Safety First!

admin April 25th

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are very fortunate.  From weather to poisonous or pestilent critters to natural disasters, we have it pretty easy up here.  With that being the case, it can be tempting to become nonchalant about preparing for such an unlikely disaster. Reading this recent IREM Oregon blog about earthquakes got me thinking about what being prepared for disaster means for some of us.  Whether it was an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or any other disaster, are we prepared […]

Winter Is Coming

admin November 16th

According to the calendar, winter is still more than a month away.  According to some of us, wool sock, roaring fire, and hot cocoa season is already here.  The temperatures are creeping lower and lower, and people are pulling out their winter gear and purchasing wintery treats.  What, though, should we be doing to protect our buildings during the chilly months?  Here is a brief list of some important winterizing tips: Make sure all exterior pipes have ample insulation to […]